Introducing Juango

This week LatinBoyz introduced their new model Juango in a hot solo shot in a deserted factory. Junago is totally hot, bisexual and loves to top.

In case that sexy guy looks familiar to you, he’s already been staring in a few scenes as Jay Fine on GayRoom‘s site DamnThatsBig. Below images are from his video Brenner’s First Ten Inch Cock.

Jay Fine from GayRoom Jay Fine from GayRoom Jay Fine from GayRoom Jay Fine from GayRoom

Jay, or Juango, certainly has a huge dick. If it’s a real 10 incher I can’t say, but who cares. He’s a hot young stud and sure nows how to fuck a guy’s ass right.

On LatinBoyz Juango says he’s experience with bottoming but prefers to top. His dick is large and cut and his body is lean and covered in all kinds of tattoos.

I totally love those big low hanging balls and that small muscle butt. What a sexy guy. I hope GayRoom and LatinBoyz are only the start of successful porn career. Juango, or Jay, certainly has what it takes.

Introducing Juango from LatinBoyz:

Introducing Juango Introducing Juango Introducing Juango Introducing Juango


  • I want to love Juango/Jay until he can’t love anymore!

  • He’s hot but those earrings are a distraction.

    • Haha. I guess you better get used to that.

      • I doubt it with today’s attitudes in the gay community almost non of the younger generation is interested in us older guys anyways so seeing it in passing both online and in short personal talks or someone walking by is no big deal.

        Anyways I have always said you have to be into someone for who and what they are and not try to change anything about them because it is insulting and demeaning.

        It’s just an opinion I have is all and not gonna try and nibble on an ear around them! LOL

        • Well I think there are and always will be younger guys who are interested in older guys. On hookup platforms it seems they are only looking for guys their age, but when you meet them in real life, they are often not so narrow minded.

          And about these earrings (or tunnels), they are just a fashion right now and in my city, I see more and more guys with them (not only young guys!).

          That’s why I meant, better get used to it. Same thing with tattoos. You can hardly find a guy without any. I’m not a big fan of that either, but it does look good on some guys. And I wouldn’t send a hot guy away because of his tattoos or earrings…

          • Oh yeah I realize tat’s are the norm now a days some look great on a guy and some well what can you do.

            The earrings or tunnels in my area not so much.

            About the only time in every day life younger guys are into talking is when I am at a car show with my muscle car or while walking my Siberian Husky.

            As far as the sites hook up sites guy only if they are looking to be taken care of or wanting a GENEROUS older man. Or the occasional bottom who wants to be dominated by an older man which I am not into I like an equally aggressive partner sexually.

            I’m not a nay Sayer nor am I unbend-able in likes or dislikes I treat each on an individual bases and hope for the same respect I try to give them.

            A hot guy is a hot guy no doubt about it and like you said not gonna turn down someone just because I do not like an accessory and not gonna let them know it either.

        • whitetiger

          Wow, well said and I totally agree. I find his earrings a bit distracting too, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. Besides he has other things worth nibbling on :). He is who he is. If I’m coming from a heart-centric place, then I accept who they are for who they are. Unique.

  • Brian Odom

    I think I just accidentally ripped a hole in my the bum part of my underwear…. and I just fell on my bed and can’t get up!

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