Kris Evans Special – Top 10 Videos

Kris Evans Special - Top 10 Videos

Without releasing a special production, BelamiOnline congratulated Kris Evans this month to his 10 year anniversary working with them.

He came to their Hungarian office in Budapest in 2006 when he was 18 years old. Very boyish and insecure, from a small town. However, he did have a strong view of what’s right and what’s wrong and could be quite stubborn.

First he only did 2 photo shoots and extremely reluctant to go further. Eventually, he told studio boss Duroy that he still was a virgin and didn’t want his first time to be with a boy in front of a camera. So he disappeared again.

During winter 2009, Kris returned and was now interested to work on film for them. Duroy describes him as intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, wonderful body. There is no doubt Kris has always been one of Duroy’s favorite boys.


In an interview from 2010, he even offers to adopt him. He would be rich and never again have to worry about money. Kris laughed it away, but Duroy said, he’s serious. Now you might say that’s creepy, but I guess it was just Duroy’s way of showing Kris his support.

This interview was held short after Kris’ career as a gay porn star was made public and even made national news in Hungary. Kris was a policeman in a small town at that time and his whole life changed from one day to the other. He took a time out and wasn’t sure if was going to return. Luckily he did.

Below you see images from his top 10 hardcore video, listed chronologically. Within the next days, I will bring you his Top 10 photoshoots.

Kris Evans & Eric Bouna 2009:

Kris Evans & Eric Bouna 2009

In September 2009, BelamiOnline released Kris’ first hardcore scene, fucking Eric Bouna. Two weeks earlier, they released his first video ever with another guy, getting sucked off by Henri Gaudin. However, the actual time difference between these two videos is much bigger. Here, he has a different hairstyle and his body is bigger and more defined. And he is much less freaked out about the whole situation.

And while his first oral video didn’t catch my attention, this one definitely did. Just look at Kris’ fat cock and huge balls hanging between his legs while sitting in that sauna. And that incredible cum shot flying way beyond Eric! Damn!

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert 2010:

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert Flip Fuck

In 2010 BelAmi released the DVD Kris & Dolph and in September of the same year, this scene was published on BelamiOnline. It features a flip fuck with the two biggest stars of that time, Kris and Dolph Lambert. Dolph being the absolute fan-favorite and Kris, besides being also quite popular, George Duroy’s favorite boy.

This was not the first time Kris bottomed though. Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell were the first guys to fuck Kris in a hot 2-Part three way scene released in June 2010.

This 2-Part scene was the feature scene of that DVD and probably Kris’ best condom video. Both models were in their prime, two young and beautiful studs performing at their best.

Kris Evans & Mick Lowell 2012:

Kris Evans & Mich Lowell 2012

This scene with Kris Evans and Mick Lowell was released on BelamiOnline for Christmas 2012 and part of their DVD American Lovers 2. Star of this DVD was definitely horse hung American babe Mick Lowell, but he was never as popular as Kris Evans or other East European models.

Filmed in beautiful South Africa during one of their winter getaways. And although this is a 2-Part scene, it’s not a flip fuck. Part 1 is oral and in Part 2, Kris fucks Mick and dumps another one of his huge loads all over Mick’s smooth ass.

However despite the beautiful photography and being filmed in 3D, in my opinion this video was just average. Kris and Mick didn’t really connect. Although defining himself as straight, Kris has shown that he is able to get passionate with another guy. But his scene partner has to take the initiative. Mick certainly didn’t try.

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert & Jean-Daniel 2013:

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert & Jean-Daniel 2013

Released in June 2o13, this scene brings us a very hot three way fuck with Kris, Dolph Lambert and Jean-Daniel. Originally filmed as a 2-Part scene, it was re-edited it into a 1-Part scene, choosing just the very best from both parts.

The resulting clip is fast and intense and brings us Kris’ probably best cum-shot ever. I mean, Kris is known to be a big shooter, but this is just insane. And because this video was planed to have two parts, there is a total of 6 cum shots! Yummy!

Kris Evans & Jean-Daniel 2013:

Kris Evans & Jean-Daniel 2013

Filmed in 3D for their production An American in Prague – The Remake 1 & 2, this scene brings us Kris Evans with Jean-Daniel. Not a new pairing, but maybe his most intimate one.

Released in summer 2013, An American in Prague 1 & 2 was filmed entirely without the use of condoms. At this point however, Kris still refused to do bareback. That’s probably why this video was only included as a bonus scene on one of the two DVDs.

First time bareback! Kris Evans & Jack Harrer 2013:

First Time Bareback - Kris Evans & Jack Harrer 2013

In October 2013, the day had come for Kris to do his first bareback video, as part of their production Forever Lukas. The pressure on him to take that step was rising and I can’t say if it was the fans or the studio. His fans had mixed feelings about it. Some thought they would never see this day and were relieved he did, others disappointed.

But it was obvious if he didn’t want to loose his standing as one of their biggest stars, the only other choice he had was to retire. Interesting side note, this scene was originally filmed with condoms but later re-filmed without because of the decision, that the DVD should be all-bareback. Just recently, they released the original condom version.

Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol 2014:

Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol 2014

In fall 2014, BelamiOnline released the scenes from their production Fucking Kris with 6 scenes and one of them, where Kris didn’t bottom. Here he gets fucked by Kevin Warhol and I think it’s very hot watching the boyish and cheeky Kevin fuck bodybuilder Kris.

Kris body looks pretty amazing here. I am not surprised that for studio boss George Duroy, Kris by now is too muscular for his taste. But he accepts that Kris, who wants to build a career as personal trainer, thinks he needs this. He’s definitely a great contrast to many of their slim boys.

Kris Evans & Rhys Jagger Flip Fuck 2014:

Kris Evans & Rhys Jagger Flip Fuck 2014

Also produced for their DVD Fucking Kris and released for Christmas 2014, this is a flip fuck scene with another tall, muscular and hung stud, Rhys Jagger. It’s super hot to watch the two hunks pound their hot muscle butts and shoot almost similarly strong loads all over each other.

I still see Kris more as a top, but as George Duroy shares with us in Kris’ model description, he found out that Kris, although defining himself as straight, has played around with other models off screen and especially enjoyed getting his ass played with. Sure, why can’t a straight guy enjoy that? It’s not gay as long as it isn’t another guy who’s playing with your butt. And in Kris’ case, if you have so many hot and hung guys to your disposal, why bother your girlfriend with it?

Kris Evans Foursome 2015:

Kris Foursome 2015

Released in April 2015 as a 2-Part scene, a hot and wild bareback foursome with Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger, Jean-Daniel and Julien Hussey. Four guys in a 2-Part scene, that means loads and loads of fresh cum being sprayed all over the place. Rhys and Jean-Daniel show off their versatility, while Kris is only top and Julien only bottom.

After the release of Fucking Kris, many of his fans were afraid that this might be the end of his career in front of the camera. And while with BelamiOnline, it’s always hard to tell when a scene was actually filmed, it sure doesn’t look like has retired. There would definitely have been an announcement. And although Duroy does see a future for Kris behind the camera, that day hasn’t come yet.

Kris Evans & Torsten Ullman 2015:

Kris Evans & Torsten Ullman 2015

So who could be Kris Evans’ successor? Maybe a boy like Torsten Ullman with his great looks, thick cock and a quite muscular body for his age? Kris is now 28 years old and has seen many hot guys come and go. 28 sure is no age for a porn star to retire. Being in the business for 10 years could have a bigger impact. People get tired seeing the same guy, they want new and fresh faces.

It’s certainly an advantage for Kris, that he has only and exclusively worked for BelAmi in all those years. He sure has outgrown the BelAmi standard for their models by now. He’s older and bigger then their usual 18-25 year old twinks and jocks. But BelAmi has changed as well. They even brought back their legend from their early days, Lukas Ridgeston, when he was 40 years old.

Let’s see what the future brings. I am certainly not tired watching Kris. His latest scene was released two days ago and so far, there are 95 videos online with Kris, including documentaries, photosession videos, solos and lots of sex scenes for one decade. Plus 21 image galleries.


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