Preview: Offensively Large

Offensively Large

Coming this March, a new web series from BelamiOnline called Offensively Large! And it’s a real feast for all fans of Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin, or of huge uncut dicks in general.

So, if you missed Jack in the sequel of Scandal in the Vatican, Offensively Large brings us their two biggest dicked stars Jack and Joel together.

Needless to say their co-stars here are quite well endowed either. Guys like Claude Sorel, Gino Mosca, Arne Coen, Raf Koons and Jon Kael.

How else could you call this series then Offensively Large? So many thick uncut dicks in one production. However, looking through all those hot scenes, I do think one boy was a bit disappointed in the end.


And that boy is Jack Harrer. We all know how much Jack enjoys getting fucked by really thick dicks. He always shoots his biggest load while getting fucked by oversized cocks.

But in Offensively Large, both Jack and Joel are top only. I am sure the day Jack will get to ride Joel’s huge dick will come, but so far, they just had an oral and photo session together.

Preview: Offensively Large from BelamiOnline:

Offensively Large

The first scene with Jack, Joel and Claude Sorel will come in two parts. Part 1 with the oral action and Part 2 with Jack and Joel taking turns fucking Claude. Jack’s cum shot here is pretty amazing and he lands his big load right in Claude’s open mouth.

Offensively Large

Scene 2 brings us Jack and Joel taking turns fucking super lean and sexy Gino Mosca. I especially love the part where Jack and Gino simultaneously suck Joel’s long schlong. Well, I love the whole scene to be honest.

Offensively Large

Jack gets a break and we see Joel with two hot newcomers Raf Koons and Jon Kael. Raf is another super-hung discovery of them and this boy Jon is such a cute bottom. Both Joel and Raf take turns stuffing Jon’s smooth tight ass with their thick dicks.

Offensively Large

The finale brings us Jack, Joel and Arne Coen. Arne is a very handsome young guy and makes a great bottom for Jack and Joel. But Arne also a really thick cock and I would have loved to see Jack ride him. Also, with all those big and beautiful dicks, why is there no double penetration?


  • As long as these Bel Ami boys are slinging their hammer and spewing their seeds, I will be stroking to them!

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