Greek Salad Preview

Greek Salad Preview

12 years ago, Bel Ami released Greek Holiday and will now bring the members of BelamiOnline a remastered version of this legendary video scene by scene over this summer.

Also, they went back to the Greek Island of Mykonos and filmed a new version with their current cast of hot and horny boys, called Last Summer In Greece. The scenes of this production will also be released this summer, one per week.

While producing Last Summer In Greece, models Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta filmed a behind-the-scenes documentary called Greek Salad that gives us a great view of the lives of this group of Belami-boys during their stay in Mykonos.

This documentary is split up in several parts and each Friday, a new clip is released. So far, eight of these clips are online and I just watched all of them. And I totally enjoyed them.

Watching these boys behind the scenes, during their free time and days off is super entertaining. They are natural performers, total posers and just a group of young guys having fun.

The documentary starts with the boys and cast leaving Prague and travelling to Mykonos, where they have rented two villas and a few rooms in a nearby hotel.


You get to see almost everything, from waking up rituals, morning wood, workouts in the gym, to the boys entertaining other tourists on parking lots and nude beaches.

Plus, you won’t believe how much can go wrong if you are travelling with a group of young and wild East European porn performers.

Things like turning over a Suzuki 4×4, damaging a Mini by dancing on its hood, or crashing with a dirt bike. This got 2 of the guys sent home, because they didn’t ask the big boss (George Duroy) if they were allowed to do this.

Luckily the people in Europe are more relaxed when it come to public nudity and don’t call the cops when they run into these horny twinks showing off their bare asses in public, jacking off in the middle of a road, or grabbing each other’s bulges whenever one of them tries to hide a boner.

Below you can see a preview of this documentary. The eight clips released so far are between 13 and 22 minutes long and I will bring you a more detailed view on each one of them over the next days and weeks.

Greek Salad – Part 1 – Marcel Never Drinks Greek Salad – Part 2 – Phillipe and Helmut go to party Greek Salad – Part 3 – Smells Like Pizza Greek Salad - Part 4 Greek Salad - Part 5

Greek Salad Preview from BelamiOnline:

Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview Greek Salad Preview


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