Ups! You reached this page because you tried to follow a link to a site called DallasReeves. You probably liked the content you saw and wanted to find out more. Bummer, this site does not exist anymore!

Back in 2014, DallasReeves was really hot. Hot young guys like Johnny Forza, his brother/cousin Donny Forza, Vadim Black, Sebastian Young. Inked bad-boys performing unapologetic bareback sex. Who knew at that time about all the drama that was about to unfold?

Lots of promises were made to the models, and most of them broken. Performers complained about being not getting paid, even being sexually assaulted. In the end, the founders and producers lost ownership over the site and it was taken down.

And I guess we all have heard all the stories about some of their performers. While some went to prison (and still are), others tried to scam their fans with online petitions. As I said before, lots of drama.

Still, if you like that type of content, you might enjoy sites like those listed below, just without the drama:

BrokeStraightBoys – lost of videos featuring Vadim Black and Johnny Forza

FraternityX – some group fuck scenes featuring Donny Forza

ChaosMen – they discovered Donny Forza, search for Leif – some videos with Johnny Forza and Donny Forza