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This Cookie Policy provides information about what cookies are, why we are using them, what information we collect and how that information is being used. It also informs you about how to change your browser’s cookie settings.Also, familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy


Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user. Each cookie is effectively a small lookup table containing pairs of values. Once the cookie has been read by the code on the server or client computer, the data can be retrieved and used to customize the web page appropriately or keep track of a user’s behavior on the site.



There are different types of cookies, which all carry different kinds of information. The following are being used by this website:

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the website and to use its features. Without these cookies, this website just won’t work properly.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information about how visitors use our website. For instance, it tells us which pages visitors go to. These cookies enable us to improve our website and don’t collect any information that identifies the visitor.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies remember your preferences or customizations. Those cookies are anonymised and cannot track your browser activity on other websites.
  • Affiliate / Tracking Cookies: These cookies contain our details, such as our affiliate ID.

There are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and erased after you close and restart your browser. Persistent cookies will remain in your browsers memory until they expire or you delete them manually. Expiration dates are set within the cookie file and the length may vary from a few minutes to several years.

Cookies set by this website are called First-Party cookies. Other services – used by this website – set cookies which are called Third-Party cookies. These cookies, for example, are from services such as Google Analytics, Disqus or WordPress. An overview of cookies generated is listed at the bottom of this policy.



They are! While a website recognizes a cookie stored on your computer or device, it doesn’t store any personal information, such as your name or email address.



You can manage your cookies through your browser’s settings. You can either enable, disable or delete cookies. To do this, visit the help pages of your browser and follow the instructions provided (cookie settings are usually located within the Tools or Preferences menu). If you disable cookies you may not be able to use all functions or access some areas of our website. Also, some parts or even the entire website might not be working properly.



Visiting this website may generate one of the following cookies:

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To learn more about data collection please also visit our Privacy Policy page.