Flight To Catch

Flight To Catch

Another very hot scene from BoyGusher featuring sexy and very hung young Latino Angelo Silva, getting his huge cock sucked off by Zach Stevens.

By now we all know what goes on at the BoyGusher house. It’s a nice and friendly place and there always seems to be someone around who’s happy to suck you off, or at least give you a handjob.

Little big-dicked Latino Angelo Silva loves this place. And he always finds a good reason why he has to stay there for a night. This time Angelo said he had a flight to catch early the next morning and because it’s closer to the airport then his place, he asked if he could stay over. Sure he could.

The next morning, Zach Stevens came over to clean the house and earn some extra cash for college. But when Zach heard that Angelo is sleeping in the guest room, work was suddenly not his first priority anymore.

Zach already knows Angelo from when they ran into each other in the college clinic, and he got his first taste of the young Latino’s thick cock (see here). Back then, Angelo even returned the favor and sucked off Zach (see here). And now Zach had a total crush on this boy.


When Zach walked into the guest room, Angelo was still asleep. Peaceful like an angel. Well, probably like an angel with some major morning wood. Well, Zach was going to find out. He slowly pulled the blanket down, and right he was.

Zach didn’t waist any time and stuffed that big dick inside his mouth. When Angelo woke up, he was happy to see it’s Zach who is blowing him. He remembered him right away, and his skills when it comes to sucking dick.

Damn, Angelo loves it when he wakes up like this, with someone between his legs, busy servicing his thick cock. Zach was totally somewhere else and made love to Angelo’s 9 incher.

Needless to say it didn’t take Angelo very long to be close to cumming. Zach didn’t want this to be over so soon, so he stopped sucking and though maybe stroking it would give him a bit more time with this hot body and his beautiful cock. But Angelo just couldn’t hold it back any longer and sprayed his load all over his abs and Zach’s hand.

Flight To Catch from BoyGusher:

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  • Angelo Silva gonna catch fire!🍆🍆🍆💦💦

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